Personal Achievements:
  • Over 1 Million YouTube Viewers
  • Enrolled Over 300 Students Through My Online Courses
  • Taught Over 2.5k Private Lessons
  • Taught At 3 Schools in 2 different countries
  • Opened for the British Fireworks Championships (Over 10k participants)
  • RGT Grade 8 Successor
  • Shared the stage with Andy Timmons (Olivia Newton), Guthrie Govan (Hans Zimmer)
Sessions & Shows:
  • Session Performer, “School Of Rock” (Musical) Orchestra, Liskeard Community College (2017);
  • Session Performer, “Chess” (Musical) Orchestra, Plymouth Gilbert & Sullivan (2017);
  • Session Performer, Ten Zero One Band Tour, South West UK (2016);
  • Solo Performer, Evening Celebration Entertainment, Architects Design Group (2015);
  • Session Guitarist, Moonage Daydream (Single), Enigma Solicitors (2015);

  • Solo Performer, Ceremony & Evening entertainment at Wedding, Polhilsa Farm (2015);
  • Solo Performer, Ceremony entertainment at Wedding, The Moorland Garden Hotel (2014);
  • Session Performer, Boogie Nights (Musical) Orchestra, Barbican Theatre (2014);
  • Session Guitarist, Tomorrow Is Ours (Single), Alex Dumbiotis (2012);
  • Session Performer,  Grease Performance (Musical) Orchestra, The Sound House (2011);



I spend the majority of my career teaching and inspiring other guitar players, both online and offline. YouTube in particular allows me to help thousands of people around the world to develop their musical personality, and allows me to share my own growth as a musician with the intentions of helping others who are on the same journey. Through my YouTube success I have created a series of online video courses, and often release exclusive content for my Patreon supporters. It’s thanks to these sales that I am able to continue producing quality and engaging YouTube content FOR FREE!

As well as develop my online career I also teach students privately both in the city of Gold Coast, and worldwide through Skype. I have students in over 40 countries, and have taught over 2,500 private lessons through my 6 years of teaching.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching both online and offline, and anticipate on continuing to do this for as long as I can foresee. Eventually when time and budget permits, I also anticipate on releasing my own music, and dream of touring with an awesome band!


Favourite Guitar Players: Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert, Nick Johnston, John Mayer, Mateus Asato, Mark Lettieri, Christophe Godin, Guthrie Govan, Joe Satriani, Plini, David Maxim Micic, Richie Kotzen, and many more…

Favourite Bands: Bob Reynolds, Snarky Puppy, Ariana Grande, Takayoshi Ohmura, Tori Kelly, Mr Big, Danger Danger, Racer X, Toto, Paramore, Giant, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, The 1975, and many more, changing every day…


  • Surfing almost every day
  • Basketball
  • Cycling up mountains
  • Photography/Videography (check out my Instagram!)
  • Travelling
  • Vegan Lifestyle (Ethical, Nutritional, Environmental)
  • Chef (My partner & I will be releasing a cook book soon!)

Phase 1:

I began playing guitar at the age of 13 after being inspired by my former high school guitar teacher. My first guitar was given to me by my parents on my 13th Christmas, it was a red strat style “Starmaker”. Whilst most of my friends were occupied with the latest trends, girls, nights out in the park, and gaming, I was hooked on music and spent every hour possible practicing, accompanied with regular lessons until about the age of 17 (2011). I would play my guitar between the school curriculum, and play some more as soon as I’d get home.

As high school was approaching an end (2013), I needed to make some impending career decisions. Many people in my life at the time thought that it was not realistic for me to follow my dreams, and that playing guitar is not a sustainable career option. I respected that my family and friends were only looking out for me, but at the same time I knew that I would give it my 100% effort to make my dream reality. Through word of mouth I began to pick up a small handful of sessions and students. My first session was in a Pit Band performing tunes from the popular musical “Grease”. This was a great challenge for me at the time since I was required to sight read, which I’d never done before. I eagerly learned the skill quickly enough to pull off the show, but I give 70% of the credit to my developed musical ear over my reading skills at the time. Feeling inspired, I shortly after became involved in three bands. Among the three I’d played pop, rock, and original music, in a few bars and clubs in the local towns and cities. This however didn’t last too long for a handful of reasons, but was a fun teaser for live playing whilst it lasted.

High school came to an end so things had to get serious because I had rent to pay! I started out by creating a website advertising for guitar lessons in my city. It was a slow start, since I began with nothing but a handful of YouTube videos that peaked at just a couple hundred views, but this was just enough to demonstrate to the locals that I knew what I was doing. Posting those few YouTube videos gave me an advantage over the majority of other teachers in the area, since I was one of the only ones to post videos of me online. Whilst building up my student interest, I got three side jobs (not at the same time) as a Freerunning Coach, Bartender, and Retail Assistant. I would schedule students around those jobs where possible and would often cycle between students across the city, since I was saving for a car at this point.

Nov 26th 2012

Sep 9th 2014

Phase 2:

At 20 (2014) I considered myself to be relatively competent in the industry. I had a range of students, worked as a guitar teacher in two schools, bought my first car, and could afford to go full time as a musician. After teaching for two years now I realised that not everybody was into the same music as me, so I forced myself to develop my abilities across a mixture of genres. I spent a lot of time studying Fingerstyle, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Disco, and Metal, as well as maintaining my previous abilities in Pop/Melodic Rock styles. This mixture in genres not only helped broaden my interests and pallet as a musician, it has helped me to engage with students of different interests, and also helped me pick up a number of sessions.

Since early adulthood I’ve had some incredible opportunities where I’d performed, and even had lessons, with some of the most talented guitar players on the planet such as Paul Gilbert (Mr Big)Andy Timmons (Olivia Newton)Guthrie Govan (Hans Zimmer)Nick JohnstonTom QuayleChristophe Godin, and Mika Tyyska. These Guitar Players have been very influential in my playing, among many others from a variety of different musical styles.

In summer of 2016 I joined the band “Ten Zero One” who were a Melodic Rock band from Tavistock, UK. Together we performed their debut album across the South West of the UK. Notably our biggest and most memorable show was on Plymouth City Hoe opening for the British Fireworks Championships, where thousands of people were present. We were performing most weeks at many different festivals around the south-west of the UK.

Sep 25th 2017

Jan 9th 2017

Phase 3:

As 2017 was approaching I felt inspired to change the direction of my business. It was always a dream of mine to become a “YouTuber”, so I decided to finally pursue this dream. After a few months of consistently posting quality content, I began to receive more engagement across my channel. Inspired by the feedback I was receiving, and through the enjoyment of making video content, I released two comprehensive online instructional guitar courses. This year was definitely the year of the internet for me, since I’ve spent (and will continue to spend) a lot of my time developing my content and following across different social platforms.

2018 has entailed some of my biggest challenges so far. At the beginning of the year I had moved from Plymouth in the UK, to the city of Gold Coast in Australia with my partner. The consequence of this was that I sadly had to leave all of my Plymouth students behind and build a new student base on the Gold Coast.

In my home I have a dedicated teaching and filming room. This is incredibly useful and allows me to focus more than ever on pending projects. My current lifestyle consists of teaching privately here on Gold Coast, Skype Tuition, YouTube, Online Course Development and Sales, and other personal hobbies such as Surfing, Basketball, Cycling, and leading a peaceful journey through a vegan lifestyle.

Nov 26th 2017

Jun 27th 2018