Our one to one guitar lessons will be tailored towards your goals. We will focus on your musical taste as well as the technique and theory to help you understand the music you are playing. As an experienced musician, I can also help with any queries regarding anything from the basics, song writing, technique, theory, gear, and live performing.

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Lessons For All Ages

I have solid experience teaching people of all ages, from as young as just 4 years, and on the contrary, you're never too old to learn guitar! Music is intended to be very enjoyable for everyone so I tailor my lessons slightly different based on age, interests, and ability.

Beginner to Advanced

Whether you're an absolute newbie or a seasoned pro, it's very likely that I've asked the same questions that you're wondering right now. With plenty of experience teaching people with all kinds of backgrounds I will guide you to your goals quicker than ever!

Most Styles Taught

I teach most modern and contemporary styles to an advanced level. Whether you want to strum along to your favourite songs, learn the art of fingerstyle, groove to blues, delve into the complexities of jazz, or tear up the fretboard with Rock or Metal, I’ve got you covered.


I offer different lesson types to suit your needs. Choose one of these three options below depending on which one is the most relevant to you. 
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Private Tuition (Gold Coast Residents)

$60 for one hour, $35 for half hour

Suitable for residents of Gold Coast, Australia. Upon booking you will be invited to my home studio (Southport). Alternatively lessons can be arranged in the comfort of your own home at a small additional travel cost (get in touch for more info on this).

For most people I thoroughly recommend booking an hour session. Half hour slots are usually more suitable for children.

Skype Lessons (Worldwide)

£34 for one hour, £20 for half hour

No matter where you are in the world, Skype Lessons will allow me to guide you in the right direction to your goals. Just make sure you have a good webcam and good internet then we’re all set.

Lessons are always tailored entirely around your interests and goals as a musician.


"Darryl is a fantastic Tutor. I’ve noticed so much more progression since I’ve been with Darryl compared to when I was self taught for 15 years!! I’ve learnt more about guitar in the 8 months that I’ve been with Darryl than I have my whole life, and I’m always super motivated to practice and keep up with the tasks that Darryl gives me. I can full heartedly recommend!"
Connor Thomas
Private Student
"His guitar knowledge and technical skills are outstanding. His lessons follow a structured approach which are tailored for the level that I am currently at. I am under no illusions as to how difficult playing the guitar actually is, and I am already, under Darryl’s expert tuition becoming a better player. I would definitely recommend Darryl to anyone that finds themselves stuck in the same old position and not progressing."
Glenn Miller
Private Student
"Darryl has been my guitar teacher in the UK for over three years, and I'm totally gutted that he has moved to Australia!! I can't imagine ever finding another teacher as good as Darryl, which is why I'm hoping to continue having lessons with him over Skype. He is so friendly and approachable and also extremely patient; he always manages to put me at ease during our sessions."
Caroline Poberskin
Private Student